Always remember a wedding budget is IMPORTANT!!!

Now that the engagement is in the air, the wedding planning train arrives at the station. So, before we start loading up, I always let my couples know that it is very important to have a budget unless you just want to burn through your money like coal.

Having a budget gives clear expectations and possibilities; it tells you what can or cannot be placed on board and what needs to left behind. I know it sounds corny using trains and stations as an analog but think about it; trains pull large loads and weddings can be a great large load. For example, number of attendees, venue size, decor ideas etc. 

Therefore, when a budget is in place it can assist in creating a balance for any couple and it does not matter how big or small your budget is. It can also be a great toll when you have to book or search for vendors, everyone knows what you can and cannot afford and that eliminates a lot of time wasted by yourself and any potential vendors.